Save FormKeep submissions to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Want an easy way to backup everything that's entered in your FormKeep forms that also makes it easy to sort, filter and parse through each of your entries? This integration gives you just that by automatically saving every form entry to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

How it Works

Zapier watches your FormKeep form for new entries. Whenever your form is filled out, Zapier copies the data and adds it as a new row to your Google Sheets spreadsheet.

What You Need

  • FormKeep form
  • A new Google Sheets spreadsheet
Save FormKeep submissions to a Google Sheets spreadsheet
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Form endpoints for designers and developers. No iframes, JavaScript embeds, or CSS overrides.

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Google Sheets is the new Google Spreadsheets software. Google Sheets is available on all your devices and has all the features you come to expect from spreadsheet software. Sheets also allows you to collaborate with others in real time.

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