Add new Follow Up Boss contacts to RealScout as clients

Running a real estate business requires a lot of coordination, especially if you're using multiple web tools to track contact information. Use this Zap to automatically consolidate your contact information into a single tool, so you don't have to manually transfer data. Once set up, this Zap will auto-create clients in RealScout whenever new contacts are created in Follow Up Boss.

Note: This Zapier integration doesn't import existing Follow Up Boss contacts into RealScout, only new contacts after you've set it up.

How this RealScout-Follow Up Boss integration works

  1. Add a contact into Follow Up Boss
  2. Zapier will add the client to RealScout

Apps involved

  • Follow Up Boss
  • RealScout
Add new Follow Up Boss contacts to RealScout as clients
Follow Up Boss integration logo

Simple lead management software for real estate agents and brokers. Follow Up Boss takes all your leads and puts them in one simple system automatically. Helps you to respond fast and convert more leads into closings.

RealScout integration logo

RealScout is a collaborative listing alert platform that delivers automated, high-performing listing alerts to your clients based on their unique home search preferences.

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