FogBugz Updates

FogBugz update · September 9, 2013

Self-Hosted FogBugz Support

For months now Zapier has supported integrations with FogBugz on-demand but didn't work with self-hosted versions but that changes today! Now you can integrate self-hosted FogBugz instances with Zapier! Check out some of the popular FogBugz Zaps below: read more
FogBugz update · July 15, 2013

FogBugz Support in Zapier

FogBugz is one of the most used, most well known bug trackers. Since it's launch in 2000, parent company, FogCreek, has been building and selling software to help serious software developers ship great software. Today FogBuz is used by over 20,000 companies across the world. Today you can get more

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