FluidSurveys - Features, Pricing, Alternatives, and More

Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated April 29, 2015

FluidSurveys, one of the newer SurveyMonkey acquisitions, might at first glance seem much like any other survey app. There's survey questions, reports, and even a simple poll tool built-in. There's some fancy themes that are responsive and mobile-ready, but that, too, isn't so uncommon. But dive into FluidSurvey's interface, and you'll find something much more interesting.

It's in the survey builder that FluidSurveys is most unique. Instead of having to hop back and forth between your survey builder, dashboard, and reports screens, FluidSurveys keeps everything about one survey in one place. Open the survey editor, and you'll see buttons on the left top tweak your survey's theme, preview or share it, or dig into its responses lists, reports, and settings. Everything about each survey is pulled together in one easy-to-navigate hub.

And the survey editor itself is pretty nice, too. You'll find a clean layout with your tools on the left—including a question palate, page settings, and survey options—and your survey itself in the main section of the screen. The questions include your standard survey options, as well as some unique ones that make FluidSurveys stand out. There's a group/rank option that lets users drag and drop answers into their order of preference, an image hot spot question that lets you get feedback on an image, and even options to receive a digital signature or payment in your survey.

Styling your survey is important, too, and FluidSurveys gives you the options to do that easily. There's a few nice pre-made templates, along with theme options that let you add a frosted glass background to your survey elements, choose typefaces and colors you want, and more. You can then save your changes as a new theme, so you can reuse it in the future easily.

Then it's time to share your survey. In FluidSurveys, that means copying a URL or a QR code that anyone can visit to fill out your survey. There's also buttons to share your survey on the most popular social networks. Or, you can click the Offline Mode button to let people fill out surveys from your computer without an internet connection—a great way to gather responses at a conference booth or event. Then, once you're back online, you can sync the new entries with the rest of your survey responses.

There's some extra advanced tools you'll find in FluidSurveys, too. You can add branching and logic to your survey questions—much as you would in a normal form app—to get more detailed responses based on previous answers. Then, you can use its survey testing tools to check your survey's accessibility, preview it on standard mobile device sizes, and generate test results. There's even a simple poll builder to let you ask one-off questions to your customers without making a full survey.

Back at your dashboard, you'll be able to search and filter through your surveys, and preview their results dashboards and revision histories. Or, if you want to dig in further, you can see a table of all responses, or import responses you may have collected by hand.

FluidSurveys is a modern take on a survey tool, one that makes it simple and fun to create intricate surveys and gather data anywhere you want. It may be part of the SurveyMonkey family, but for now at least, it has enough unique features to make it worth considering on its own.

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FluidSurveys Features

  • Drag-and-drop editor to quickly make a survey
  • Question banks to build a survey with proven questions
  • Supports over 64 languages, and includes translation tools
  • Forms work offline
  • Collect PayPal or Google Wallet payments through surveys
  • iOS and Android app available

FluidSurveys is a SurveyMonkey product

FluidSurveys Pricing

  • Free for up to 10 questions and 100 responses per survey
  • $70/month Ultra plan for unlimited responses, charts and graphs, data exports, premium questions, logic, and more
  • Enterprise account available for multi-user accounts, offline capabilities, white label branding and more

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