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And unlike your inbox, spending time in Flowdock isn’t overwhelming or dull. When you log in, you’ll see your main “Flow,” the app’s name for chat rooms. Everyone in your organization can access the main Flow, giving you a handy place to store relevant info and have company-wide discussions.

You can make as many additional Flows (or conversations) as you want. While these Flows can be open (or accessible and visible to all) or invite-only, Flowdock recommends defaulting to open unless the members will be discussing sensitive info (think HR). With open Flows, you can let anyone on your team jump into conversations and see what's going on. Your Marketing team members would probably love to drop into the Sales team’s Flow every once and while to catch up on customer feedback and insights, while your engineers might get inspiration for your next feature by hanging out in the Customer Support Flow.

And don’t worry about information overload. Yes, Flowdock will definitely help you centralize your company’s knowledge, various expertise, and conversations, but the app has plenty of features to help you avoid getting buried.

First, you can have sub-conversations within public Flows. Conversation threads are one of the main features that makes Flowdock unique from other group messaging apps. They let you comment on or respond directly to an earlier message.

Let’s say your organization is deciding where to go for your company retreat. You jump in with “California! :sunglasses:.” Josh, your team member, comments on your comment with, “Yessss, let's go surfing!” You and Josh keep discussing the merits of California. To join in or simply read your conversation, your teammates can click to open the thread. If they’re not interested, they only have to scroll past your original comment. It’s a fantastic option for smaller conversations that don’t require the privacy of a direct message, but do need a clean space away from the noisier discussions.

You can further organize your Flowdock account with tags. Anything within Flowdock can be tagged, including individual messages, conversation threads, uploaded files, and notifications from other apps (more on that in a bit). And it doesn’t matter whose content it was originally, anyone can tag it.

Maybe every time someone has a work accomplishment, they post it within the team Flow with the tag #workwin. To see everyone’s work wins at once, you’d merely have to search #workwin.

Need to find non-tagged stuff? Flowdock also includes full-text search, so to dig up your marketing stats from last October, you could type “October ROI.” In addition, you can search specific sources, such as Twitter, a RSS feed, links, your GitHub notifications, and more. Or, you can pull up a list of all the files that have been shared, to quickly find last week's invoice.

Which brings us to Flowdock’s integrations. Activity from other apps shows up in a smaller box next to your main Flow, where you can get messages from connected apps, RSS feeds, private messages from teammates, and more.

Each app integration in Flowdock is quite powerful. For example, if you integrate your Flowdock account with Zendesk, you won’t just get a notification every time a help ticket is created or modified. You’ll also be able to interact with notifications within Flowdock. Even more helpful, Flowdock groups everything that happens around a help ticket into a single thread: customer messages, ticket assignments, status changes, Zendesk comments and Flowdock comments are all visible as one chain of events.

Or maybe you run a software engineering team, and you rely on GitHub. The GitHub integration allows you to see the history and state of a pull request in your Flowdock dashboard—so you’ll never have to break your flow by jumping sites.

If you don't find the integration you need, don't fret. Flowdock also integrates with Zapier, which can watch for messages in Flowdock and send them to other apps, or post updates and more from over 500 apps into Flowdock. With app integrations, detailed conversations, direct messages, and full-team chat, Flowdock could easily be the one app that takes care of most of your communications.

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