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Sean Kennedy
Written by Sean KennedyLast updated August 31, 2015

Everyone has heard of Facebook—and nearly everyone uses it. With over 2.2 billion monthly active users, it's easily the world's most popular social network. Since November 2007, when Facebook launched Facebook Pages as the way businesses, brands, and organizations could engage with their audiences on the social network, Facebook has become one of the simplest ways to promote your company online.

Just like personal Facebook accounts that connect you with family and friends, Facebook Pages gives businesses their own dedicated page to connect with fans. These business pages are very similar to personal profiles in that they let you add a cover photo, publish news, announcements, photos, events, and links, and share live video with followers. Where they’re different is in the added tools for special offers, promotions, and insights that help businesses connect and grow their fanbase.

Facebook Pages uses “Likes” as a way of measuring your fanbase. Every “like” equates to a new fan and the more fans you have, the more likely your published and shared content will reach a larger audience. Share something new—a new picture or a reminder about a promotion, perhaps—and Facebook will show it to the people who liked your page and are the biggest fans of your brand. Everyone won't see every post unless they come to your page, but publish something popular and it's likely to show up to a wide range of your followers.

Anyone can to create a Facebook Page in a few minutes—all you need is a Facebook profile. Once your Page is created, you can add a cover photo, company information, links to your website, and other important info. You can also add plugins to your Facebook page, which let you embed your store items, add a calendar or photo galleries, and much more. Then, you can invite team members to help you manage the page so you don't have to do it all on your own.

And that’s one of the great things about Pages—multiple people can manage and maintain your Facebook Page. You can set role restrictions, with limitations as to what that person can access and do with the account. To help you collaborate and manage your posts, Pages provides a Publishing Tools section to get a high-level overview of all your posts and drafts. You can use this to schedule or set expiration dates for your posts—perfect for scheduled promotions. And when something's really important, you can pin it to your page so new visitors will always see it.

One of the main reasons to create a Facebook Page is to grow your brand awareness and engage with your audience. Facebook has a massive user base and Pages gives you the ability to boost your post’s reach and promote your Page or special offers beyond your current fans, to reach your target market. To do that, you can use Facebook Ads with pay-per-click pricing and a budget you set to make sure you don't spend too much on ads. Or you can build Facebook Lead Ads to publish ads that include a form where people can reach out for more info. Then, you can target people based on other pages they like, their demographic data, and more to get your news in front of the people who are most likely to become fans of your brand.

Once you’ve built a fanbase, Pages—like many other social networking tools—gives your fans a place to comment and post questions, either by commenting on a post or directly through private messages in Facebook Messenger. If you’re looking to better engage with fans, you can also reply to comments or send private messages back to users with answers to questions or customer support.

However, the most powerful tool of the Facebook Pages features is Insights—the tool that gives you analytics about your audience and social interactions. After your Page receives 30 Likes, you gain access to the Insights tool that shows who your audience is and what content they find interesting and engaging. You’ll see analytics around Page Likes, post reach, engagement, page referrals, and more, along with demographic data about your fans. All this information allows you to answer questions like “What posts get shared the most?”, “Are our fans mostly men or women?”, “Where are they from?”, and even “How old is our audience?”. That info can help you hone your marketing, target your ads better, and more.

With a platform as large and popular as Facebook, it’s hard to ignore when planning a marketing strategy. It's a great place to engage with and grow your audience. Since setting up a Facebook Page is free, and your customers likely already use it and will look for your brand there, it’s a great place to start your growth strategy even for the smallest of businesses.

Originally published August 31, 2015; updated April 25, 2018 with new screenshot and features.

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