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When this happens...
GmailNew Email
Then do this...
Facebook PagesCreate Page Post

You can cut out most parts of your workflow that involve copy-pasting, and that includes social posting. Set up this Gmail-Facebook integration and Zapier take over the job. From then on, whenever you receive an email on Gmail it will also automatically be posted on your Facebook Page, giving you an easy way to email in or forward your posts to a dedicated account.

Note: unless you use your Gmail account exclusively to channel new posts, set up this Zap to watch a specific label. Any new email that you label will then trigger the automation.

How It Works

  1. A new email is received on Gmail
  2. Zapier automation makes a post to your Facebook Page

What You Need

  • Gmail account
  • Facebook account

Note: This integration will only work if you have a Business Gmail account - these have custom domains. Free consumer Gmail accounts cannot be used with this integration. Read Help docs here.

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It's easy to connect Facebook Pages + Gmail and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

When this happens...
then do this!
New Post to Your Timeline

Triggers when anyone (including you) posts to your Page's Timeline.

Create Page Photo

Uploads a photo to your Facebook Page and posts it to the stream.

New Recommendation

Triggers when your Facebook Page receives a new recommendation.

Create Page Video

Uploads a video to your Facebook Page and posts it to the stream.

New Email Matching Search

Triggers when you receive a new email that matches a search string you provide.

Create Page Post

Create a new page "stream" post on a page.

New Labeled Email

Triggers when you receive a new email and label it within two days.

Create Draft

Create (but do not send) a new email message.

New Attachment

Triggers when you receive a new attachment (triggers once per attachment).

Send Email

Create and send a new email message.

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