Facebook Offline Conversions
When this happens...
Facebook Offline ConversionsSend Offline Event

Campaign optimization can be tedious, but by using this integration to tag your Wi-Fi log-ins as conversions, you can optimize your Facebook campaigns automatically. Once set up, this integration will automatically send an offline event to your Facebook Offline Conversions account whenever a new social Wi-Fi user connects to your network. That way, your prospects will be one step closer to converting with no extra effort on your part.

How this MyWiFi-Facebook Offline Conversions integration works

  1. A new social Wi-Fi user connects to your network
  2. Zapier triggers a Facebook Offline Conversions event

Apps involved

  • MyWiFi Networks
  • Facebook Offline Conversions

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When this happens...
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New Social Wi-Fi Device Guest

Triggers when a new social Wi-Fi guest connects to a device.

Send Offline Event

Sends events from your customer systems (PoS, CRM, email service provider, etc) to connect Facebook campaigns to offline activity and business impact.

New Social Wi-Fi Campaign Guest

Triggers when a new social Wi-Fi guest connects to a campaign.

New Social Wi-Fi Location Guest

Triggers when a new social Wi-Fi guest connects to a location.

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With offline conversion measurement on Facebook, you can track when events occur in your physical retail store and other offline channels (ex: email marketing and CRM apps) after people see or engage with your Facebook ad. .

MyWiFi Networks operates a Guest Wi-Fi Monetization Platform with social data capture, marketing automation & real-time analytics.

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