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How to Set Up Auto Email for Facebook Lead Ads

Published · April 09, 2019
Justin Pot

So you've set up a Facebook lead ad, but how will you know when new leads come in? You can download your leads, sure, but if you want real-time updates we recommend setting up Zapier to email you—and anyone else—when something new comes in.

We'll be using Gmail to start. Not a Gmail user? Scroll down to see some other options.

Connect Facebook Lead Ads With Gmail For Real-Time Lead Updates

Zapier makes it possible to connect Facebook lead ads with 1,500+ apps, and we'll be using it to send your leads' info over to your inbox. Be sure to sign up for Zapier, if you haven't, before diving in.

Here is a template to get you started:

  • Get emails with new Facebook Lead Ads leads

    Facebook Lead Ads + Email by Zapier

    Try It

This template will help you build a Zap, which is what we call an automation connecting two apps. This particular Zap will email you and any other people every time a new lead comes in.

We’ll set up Facebook first:

Click Continue and you'll be asked to connect your Facebook account, assuming you haven't already. After that, you choose which page your lead ad is running on.

Next, Zapier will pull in some sample data for you to select. Click Continue once you have some data to work with.

We've got our data! Next, we'll move on to sending that info to Gmail.

You'll be asked to sign into a Gmail account, if you haven't already, after which you can set up the email.

First add your email address—along with the email address of everyone else you think should get this notification, separated by a comma—to the To box, as shown above. Now we'll design the email itself.

Pull in data from your Facebook lead ads into the email by clicking the icon to the right of the text box…

…then select the relevant information.

This lets you pull in the information from the ad into your email. Use this to customize the subject and body of your email, so all relevant information is included.

Click Continue when you're ready and you can review all the info that will be sent in the email and send a test email.

Finally, click Continue and your Zap will turn on.

You will now get emails every time a new lead rolls in!

Don't Have a Gmail Account? Here Are Some Other Options

We used Gmail in our example above, but that's not your only option! If you don't have a Gmail account you can use Email by Zapier instead.

  • Get emails with new Facebook Lead Ads leads

    Facebook Lead Ads + Email by Zapier

The downside here: Email by Zapier can send only 10 emails per hour. If that's a deal breaker you can set up a digest email instead. This will send you all of your new leads on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • Get digest emails with new Facebook Lead Ad leads

    Facebook Lead Ads + Digest by Zapier + Email by Zapier

And you're not limited to just email! You can get lead ad notifications in other apps, like Slack or SMS.

  • Send SMS messages for new leads from Facebook Lead Ads

    Facebook Lead Ads + SMS by Zapier

  • Get Slack messages with new Facebook Lead Ads leads

    Facebook Lead Ads + Slack

Want to learn more about integrating Facebook lead ads with other notifications? Check out our Facebook lead ads summary.

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