Copy new Facebook Lead Ads leads into Marketo

When your Facebook Lead Ads are successful, the last thing you want is a bottleneck because you can't reach out to new prospects in time. Zapier can help with that—set up this automation, and we'll automatically import every new Facebook lead you capture into Marketo, updating their details if they've already been added​ in the past.

How this Facebook Lead Ads-Marketo integration works

  1. A new lead is captured by Facebook Lead Ads
  2. Zapier adds them on Marketo or updates any new details

Apps involved

  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Marketo
Copy new Facebook Lead Ads leads into Marketo
Facebook Lead Ads integration logo

Facebook lead ads make signing up for business information easy for people and more valuable for businesses. The Facebook lead ad app is useful for marketers who want to automate actions on their leads.

Marketo integration logo

Marketo's marketing automation software helps marketers engage customers and prospects.

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