Add new Pipedrive contacts to an ExpressPigeon contact list

Keeping your contact list up-to-date is a pain. Ease your headache with this Zap. After it's set up, new Pipedrive contacts will automatically be added to an ExpressPigeon contact list that you choose. That way, you can rest easy knowing your list is current.

How this PipeDrive-ExpressPigeon integration works

  1. A new person is added in Pipedrive
  2. Zapier automatically adds that person as a new subscriber to a ExpressPigeon contact list

Apps involved

  • Pipedrive
  • ExpressPigeon
Add new Pipedrive contacts to an ExpressPigeon contact list
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Pipedrive is sales pipeline and CRM software for deal makers. Get super-organized. Close deals in less time. iOS and Android apps let you take your pipeline with you anywhere.

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ExpressPigeon is a comprehensive Marketing and Transactional email service provider offering flexible deliverability options and custom integrations. Eliminate the need to write code when using our advanced editor, and contact our helpful staff for any assistance. Send with ease and track everything!

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