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Stephanie Gonzaga
Written by Stephanie GonzagaLast updated July 17, 2018

A strong email list is your business's most powerful marketing tool. It's your direct line to loyal customers interested in what your brand has to offer. To keep this list growing means building an amazing email experience every time you hit Send, whether you're sending standalone campaigns or everyday transactional emails.

Rather than boxing your users in a one-size-fits-all solution, ExpressPigeon customizes and measures email campaigns, autoresponders, and transactional emails with the tools you already use. Your design team creates the visuals, your developers code the triggers, and ExpressPigeon puts everything to work. The result is a unique email system that takes your customers all the way to the end of the sales funnel.

We'll start with newsletters: The Newsletter dashboard is the first thing you see after logging in to your ExpressPigeon account. Clicking on Contacts in the main menu lets you create your first email list by either importing an existing list as a CSV or adding new contacts manually. Once you've set that up, click on Subscriptions to create a new webform or a Facebook subscribe button for visitors interested in signing up for updates and upcoming offers. New subscribers are then added to your email list, which you can edit or segment depending on the campaigns you plan to send.

Every campaign begins with the first newsletter, and ExpressPigeon offers massive flexibility when designing your email messages. The drag-and-drop email editor lets you customize your newsletter's look and feel, all while adding design elements such as text, images, and buttons onto the canvas. You can also embed more dynamic content like YouTube videos and Eventbrite events to your newsletters. If you prefer to code from scratch, click on the Code custom HTML button to design with custom HTML.

You can preview your emails to check compatibility on desktop and mobile devices. And once everything looks good, you can create A/B tests to evaluate different subject lines. When enabled, ExpressPigeon sends 5% of the emails to your list with subject line A, and 5% with subject line B. The winning subject line is chosen based on higher open rate, which will then be used for the remaining 90% of your list.

But newsletters are only part of the process. Transactional messages are just as essential as they contain personalized information (e.g., password changes, updated subscription preferences) sent on an as needed basis. What sets ExpressPigeon apart is how it handles delivery and message tracking for these emails. Its transactional API lets you integrate your existing system using your preferred code base and code triggers that define when transactional messages should be sent. You can even create templates with the same email editor to easily match your brand's existing design. Once deployed, you can monitor performance using the Analytical Dashboard based on several metrics: delivery, open and click rates, and bounce rates.

Whether you want to launch a seasonal campaign or redesign your transactional emails, ExpressPigeon lets you create and send compelling messages with the tools you already use. And with powerful customization and analytical tools in your arsenal, every email sent will align with your brand.

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ExpressPigeon Features

  • Design personalized newsletters and transactional emails with ExpressPigeon's powerful newsletter editor

    • Understand how your subscribers respond to email campaigns with campaign reports
    • See how your transactional emails are performing within the analytical dashboard
    • Set up autoresponders to engage with new subscribers the moment they sign up using your webform
    • Easily target specific segments of your audience with segmentation rules

ExpressPigeon Pricing

  • Free for 0-500 subscribers and up to 1,000 emails

    • $9.99/month for 0-500 subscribers and unlimited emails
    • $12.99/month for 501-1000 subscribers and unlimited emails

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ExpressPigeon is a comprehensive Marketing and Transactional email service provider offering flexible deliverability options and custom integrations. Eliminate the need to write code when using our advanced editor, and contact our helpful staff for any assistance. Send with ease and track everything!