Send emails via Gmail for new Evernote Business notes

Looking for an alternative to sharing your Evernote Business notes? Give this Evernote Bussines Gmail integration a shot. Once you set it up, all new notes will also send an email through Gmail to the recipients of your choice.

How It Works

  1. A new note is created in Evernote Business
  2. Zapier automation sends an email through Gmail

What You Need

  • Evernote Business account
  • Gmail account
Send emails via Gmail for new Evernote Business notes
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Evernote Business brings the note taking features of Evernote to your team. Capture and remember ideas and more, then collaborate on them with anyone in your company.

Using Evernote on your own? Check out Evernote Personal.

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One of the most popular email services, Gmail keeps track of all your emails with treaded conversations, tags, and Google-powered search to locate find any message you need.

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