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Employees are each given access to the Business Home, the central hub of your organization’s information. Here, users can see all their business notes, as well as notes shared by coworkers or those shared company wide. They can browse and join notebooks that are relevant to them, view their coworker’s profiles, and see any recent activity.

Notes don’t necessarily have to be just typed text. You can add documents, web pages, images, and pictures of business cards or handwritten notes. Prefer talking out your ideas rather than typing? Evernote Business has built-in voice recognition on iOS and Android devices that automatically transcribes what you say into text. And if your team meeting ended with a whiteboard full of great ideas and information, you can take a picture of it and save it to Evernote. The app can read handwriting, making the text in those photos fully searchable.

You can easily share individual notes or notebooks with a select group of people or company wide. Employees can also join public notebooks on topics they are interested in themselves. This streamlines knowledge sharing across teams and makes it simple for everyone to access the information they need in real time. You won’t need to send out multiple versions of a document as it changes—everyone will automatically have access to the most up-to-date information.

If there is information that you want to keep private, you can capture it in a personal note that is only accessible to you. Then, if you ever want to share the note, you can convert it into a business note and move it to a shared notebook in a few clicks. That way, you can still keep using Evernote as your personal notes app for private, non-business info, and still easily collaborate with your team in business notebooks. Better yet, each team member's Evernote Business account gives them the full premium features in their personal notes, too, as an added bonus for using Evernote in a team.

To find information on a specific topic, you can use the powerful search in Evernote Business. Search looks through both your personal notebooks and business notebooks, picking up on keywords in the text or tags added to the notes. Need to find someone at the company who is an expert on the topic? Evernote Business will suggest coworkers who may know more about a topic based on the notes they’ve authored, and you can get in touch with them directly in Evernote via Work Chat.

Evernote Business also helps you discover what your employees already know with Related Notes. The feature works similarly to the “You May Also Like” section seen at the end of many blog posts—it uses intelligent indexing to find notes on related topics and presents them to you at the bottom of your note. Start writing a new quarterly statement, say, and Evernote will pull up your previous quarterly statements and related financial documents automatically.

In addition to finding and sharing information, Evernote Business makes collaborating with team members very simple. Sick of emailing documents back and forth or uploading them to a shared drive? With Evernote Business, anyone who has access to a note can make additions and changes to content in real time.

You can also use the Work Chat feature to have discussions with your team. No more jumping to email or a stand-alone chat app—conversations are kept within Evernote Business and tied to specific notes, so no communication is ever lost. It's an easy way to get in touch with a note's author for more info about a topic, or to brainstorm on your projects right alongside your notes.

Evernote Business also connects with other important business tools such as Salesforce. With an Evernote Business and Salesforce account, you can view all related notes right inside of Salesforce, and see contact data from Salesforce inside Evernote. Or, you can connect Evernote Business to over 450 apps with Zapier, to automatically add notes and share data.

On the backend, Evernote Business has a simple administration tool to centrally manage your users and data. You can manage individual user accounts, tweak what each member has access to, or you can connect Evernote Business to your organization's Active Directory or LDAP management system via Okta. Whenever someone leaves your company, their team notes will stay with your company, and they'll only be able to access their personal, non-shared notes immediately, so you'll be sure that your company info is secure and shared knowledge stays with your team.

For businesses looking to centralize all their information and give employees a single space to work and collaborate in, Evernote Business is a great solution. Instead of jumping between multiple tools, your employees will be able to do it all in one place, giving you a more productive workplace—and a smarter one where everyone's knowledge is automatically shared.

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