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Connect Everbridge Suite to 2,000+ Apps

  • Send new Everbridge Suite web posts to an RSS feed

    Everbridge Suite + RSS by Zapier

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  • Post new Everbridge Suite web posts to Twitter

    Everbridge Suite + Twitter

  • Add new Pingdom alerts as incidents in Everbridge Suite

    Pingdom + Everbridge Suite

  • Post new RSS feed items to Everbridge Suite groups

    RSS by Zapier + Everbridge Suite

  • Send new emails through Everbridge Suite as group notifications

    Email by Zapier + Everbridge Suite

Everbridge Suite Integration Details

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The following Everbridge Suite Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


InstantNew Web Post

Triggers when a Web Posting is fired from EB Suite.


New Contact

Use this action to create a new contact. This cannot be used to modify an existing contact.

Send Notification To Group

Send a notification with a configurable title, message to a configurable group of contacts.

Update Contact

Use this action to update an existing contact.

New Incident from Template

Create a new incident from an existing template, configuring variables from a trigger or with statically entered values.

Delete Contact

This will delete the contact identified by the specified id. The id can be either the external id or the internal id for the desire contact.

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