Eventbrite Updates

Eventbrite update · February 4, 2019

New for Our Eventbrite Integration: Watch for New Orders

Eventbrite makes it simple to create, manage, and promote your event. And now, Zapier can watch for new ticket orders on Eventbrite and kick off workflows in the other apps you use most. Whenever a new order is placed for tickets to an event, Zapier can automatically take actions in...read more
Eventbrite mention · November 10, 2017

How The Soldiers Project Trains Its Volunteers Faster Thanks to Automation

Over the past decade, 2.5 million soldiers valiantly served their country in the U.S. military. Teenagers who just graduated from high school, college graduates who just earned a degree, and parents who've just had a child—they're ordinary people. Unlike most Americans, though, they've lived...read more
Eventbrite update · February 18, 2015

Create Eventbrite Zaps on Eventbrite.com

The next time you're using Eventbrite to power registration for a meetup, webinar or fundraiser, be sure to visit the new "Export Attendees" feature where you can quickly set up a Zapier integration—without leaving the app! There you'll find 10 popular Zaps, each with a "Use this...read more
Eventbrite update · June 8, 2013

Eventbrite New "Event I Am Attending" Trigger

A quick update for you Eventbrite users. We added a new trigger to Zapier today. You can now trigger whenever you purchase a ticket to an event, free or paid. Check it out right here: https://zapier.com/zapbook/eventbriteread more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated July 6, 2018

Planning an event is tough. There's the venue to pick and prepare, speakers and refreshments to line up, travel logistics and swag, and a dozen other things to plan. Then there's the marketing side, getting the word out about your event and making sure every attendee remembers the event's coming up.

No app can handle everything for your next event, but Eventbrite at least makes sure the marketing and attendee management is taken care of, so you can focus on the event itself.

Figure out the initial details about your event first. Once you've chosen an event location, date, graphics, and promo text together, it's time to open Eventbrite. Start a new event, fill out a form with those details, and you'll get a landing page for your event complete with a signup form for attendees. If it's a free event, that's all you'll have to do: Eventbrite will show your event on its site for your area, topic, and date, and you'll get a list of people planning to attend the event.

Want to do more? Events in Eventbrite can include just about any detail you need. You can add a waitlist to events to consider opening up more seats, create paid events complete with coupon codes and VIP access, manage seating for your attendees, make name badges, and much more. Most importantly, Eventbrite will automatically notify attendees when events are coming up—and will let you send out emails to all of your attendees whenever you'd like. Schedule them in advance, even, so you can send last-minute messages without having to write an email at the last minute.

Promoting your event on Eventbrite is partly automatic, but you'll still need to do a bit of work. Eventbrite lists upcoming events in your area on its homepage and makes it easy to search for events anywhere on earth about any topic. But to make your event a success, you'll need to promote it to your existing followers. There are built-in links with tracking codes you can share to your social networks, along with widgets for your website and Facebook page. Offer affiliate links, even, for your fans to be more motivated to share.

You can even connect those same social networks to Eventbrite, so it'll pull in live posts and photos on your event day for an easy way to keep attendees engaged after the event is over. And you can connect Eventbrite with apps your team relies on—from MailChimp and Surveymonkey's official integrations to the hundreds of apps you can connect with Zapier—to keep your event attendees a part of your regular marketing.

None of this will make the actual event planning more straightforward, but it will keep you from having to worry about who's coming, where they'll sit, and whether they'll forget about the event. And that's enough reason to give Eventbrite a shot for your next event.

Originally published February 8, 2016; updated July 6, 2018 with new screenshots, pricing, and feature details

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