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How to Use Eventbrite

A haven for event managers and promoters, Eventbrite is a platform for selling tickets online. You can sell tickets for anything from Sesame Street Live to events that certainly aren't for children. If you're running an event and are struggling to get the seats filled, Eventbrite could be the game-changer...

Matt Ellis

Connect Eventbrite to 2,000+ Apps

  • Save new Eventbrite attendees to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

    Eventbrite + Google Sheets

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  • Get Slack notifications for new Eventbrite attendees

    Eventbrite + Slack

  • Add new Eventbrite attendees to ActiveCampaign lists

    Eventbrite + ActiveCampaign

  • Add new Eventbrite attendees to a MailChimp list

    Eventbrite + Mailchimp

  • Add new Eventbrite events you create to a Google Calendar

    Eventbrite + Google Calendar