Create New Solve Contacts from Eventbrite Attendees

Managing an event and wish you didn't need to manually transfer attendees to your CRM? With the help of Zapier, you can automatically connect Eventbrite to Solve, and watch as those attendees automatically create Solve records without you having to enter any information over again. Cut out the tedious work, and spend more time getting to know your attendees.

How it works

  1. A new attendee registers for your Eventbrite event
  2. Zapier automatically creates a record for them in Solve

What you'll need

  • An Eventbrite account
  • A Solve account
Create New Solve Contacts from Eventbrite Attendees
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Eventbrite is an event management tool that makes it simple to create, manage, promote, and sell out your event.

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Solve is a powerful and modern CRM that has integrated features for managing client projects. For small teams it is an ideal and flexible solution. Formerly Solve 360.

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