Share new Eventable events via HipChat

Keep your team informed about your upcoming events with this integration. Whenever you create new events in Eventable, Zapier will post them to a room in HipChat. Your team will always have the most up-to-date event information and easily add them to their calendars from within HipChat!

How this Eventable-HipChat integration works

  1. Create a new event in Eventable
  2. Zapier shares info about it to a room in HipChat

Apps involved

  • Eventable
  • HipChat
Share new Eventable events via HipChat
Eventable integration logo

Eventable is a calendar communication platform that makes it easy for anyone to create, send, and share calendar events on the web.

HipChat integration logo

HipChat is hosted group chat and video chat built for teams. Supercharge real-time collaboration with persistent chat rooms, file sharing, and screen sharing.

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