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Epos Now update · March 16, 2016

Point of Sale Made Easy With Epos Now

Managing any form of retail is no easy task. Inventory, sales, information on your customers, staff time management, they are all concerns that any retail or shop owner would have. More than likely you have more tasks to do than you do time, so as many management things that can...read more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated July 25, 2016

You've started a store, and are ready to sell your products. All you need are tools to manage your inventory, track your sales, and keep your customers engaged and coming back.

Epos Now offers all of those in one package. It's a point of sales (POS) system that helps you sell products directly to customers, manage your customer relationship with loyalty programs, and keep track of your inventory all at the same time.

It starts out with your point of sales system, where you'll ring up orders and accept payments. You can purchase a complete system from Epos Now, or use your existing iPad, Android tablet, or a Mac or Windows computer with Epos Now's apps and the Till web interface that can even run offline. You can scan barcodes, or select individual items for the sale. Then, using a 3rd party payment system like Mercury, iZettle, or PayPal Here to process credit card payments, you can accept payments or log cash transactions directly into Epos Now, then print or email receipts right from Epos Now.

Receipts can be printed either with a standard printer or a dedicated receipt printer—even from a mobile device with wireless printers. You can configure your paper size, customize the fields that are shown, and add custom messages. And if you need to offer discounts—perhaps for staff, or for coupons in your ads—you can manage them in Epos Now, and let your sales employees add them to orders with a tap.

All that works thanks to the settings you'll set up in the Epos Now backend system, where you can list inventory, add apps to bring in the features you need, and manage your settings for receipts, emails and more. You'll first list products, categories, and brands in your settings, then add stock manually or by scanning in barcodes of new product shipments. As you sell items throughout the day, Epos Now will track each sale, updating your inventory and giving you an at-a-glance look at your sales stats from the dashboard.

Those core features come baked into Epos Now, and for everything else, you'll turn to its AppStore. There, you can add extra features including loyalty card management, bulk product import, payroll reports, and more. Core tools from Epos Now come free with your subscription, while some 3rd party add-ons and Epos Now integrations can connect your account to the other tools you use.

For on-site businesses, you need software that's flexible enough to fit the needs of your staff and your administration, something that Epos Now offers. It helps you manage your inventory, sell products, and add on the features you need to keep your business running smoothly.

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