Send Envoy visitors a SurveyMethods survey

Looking for an easy way to follow up with everyone who visits your office? Zapier can automatically send a SurveyMethods survey to every visitor that signs in with Envoy. The easiest way to get the information you need from your visitors!

Note: This requires visitors to provide their email address.

How It Works

  1. A visitor signs in with Envoy
  2. Zapier sends the SurveyMethods survey

What You Need

  • Envoy account
  • SurveyMethods account
Send Envoy visitors a SurveyMethods survey
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Envoy is a fully customizable iPad app that replaces your visitor sign-in book. We provide seamless visitor management, from pre-registration and host notifications, to NDA signing and secure cloud-based data storage.

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SurveyMethods is a powerful and easy-to-use online survey software tool for survey creation, deployment and analysis.

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