When this happens...
EmojicsNew Interaction
Then do this...
TrelloCreate Card

If you collaborate with your team using Trello, you can add new cards to a board using Emojics. Zapier can capture Emojics comments and create a new card on Trello as soon as they are received. That gives you an easy way to collect comments on only one point.

How this Emojics-Trello integration works

  1. A new comment is created within Emojics comment campaign
  2. Zapier adds a new card to Trello

Apps involved

  • Emojics
  • Trello

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When this happens...
then do this!
New Reaction

Triggers when a new reaction happens.

Create List

Adds a new list on a specific board.

New Interaction

Triggers when a new interaction happens.

Create Board

Creates a new board.

New User

Triggers when a new user is added.

Create Card

Adds a new card on a specific board and list.

Card Updated

Triggers when a Card is updated in Trello.

Create Comment

Writes a new comment on a specific card.

New Notification

Triggers when you get a new notification in Trello.

Add Members to Card

Adds one or more members to a specific card.

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Emojics is a customer engagement tool that helps you to collect feedback and leads through emojis.

Trello is a team collaboration tool that lets you organize anything and everything to keep your projects on task.

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