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EmailOctopus update · March 23, 2017

New App: Send Great Emails for Less with EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus sends your emails through Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES) which allows them to charge you less so you can save money on your email provider without sacrificing deliverability. You won’t lose out on advanced features either. EmailOctopus provides unlimited emails on every plan, high deliverability, customized more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated April 6, 2017
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Ever looked at Amazon SES' pricing—free for sending 62,000 emails per month, and only 10¢ per thousand emails after that—and wished you could use it to send your email newsletters? It's possible of course, but you'd need your own tool to merge your email template with your mailing list, customize each message, and send it through the SES API.

Or, you could use EmailOctopus, a new email marketing tool powered by Amazon SES. It's one of the most cost effective ways to send your email newsletters, since it uses Amazon SES to send your messages, while still including the core features you'd expect for sending your messages.

Start out by signing up for both EmailOctopus and Amazon SES. The former's your email app (like the Mail app on your phone); the latter's your email service (like—which sends your messages even when you're using your phone's Mail app). Add your Amazon SES credentials to your EmailOctopus account, then you're ready to get started.

You can bring in your existing email subscribers, customers, or other contacts with a .CSV spreadsheet file, or you can add them manually complete with their names to personalize emails. To keep your lists full of new contacts going forward, you can make a form in EmailOctopus and embed it in your site—or add it via the EmailOctopus WordPress plugin—so people can signup for emails directly from your site. Or, using EmailOctopus integrations, you can have your new customers, CRM contacts, and more added to your lists automatically.

Then it's time to make your emails. EmailOctopus includes a handful of pre-made templates, along with the full HTML code for those email templates that you can tweak and customize on your own. From the Templates tab, you can add your own email template with HTML code or by using EmailOctopus' graphical editor to format text and insert images. Then, in the Campaigns tab, you can use those templates and customize them as you want for each mailing. It works just like any other email newsletter app: You'll build an email, select a time and list to send it to, and then EmailOctopus will send out all of the emails for you.

Need to send automated emails—perhaps a welcome email to every new subscriber, and a series of how-to drip emails to people who've purchased your product? EmailOctopus can send those too through its Automation tab. There, you can select emails you've made—or add new ones—and then set a schedule to send them out once people are added to a new list.

It's everything you'd expect from an email marketing app, only with a lower price than most. It can be especially cost effective for very small lists—where it's fully free to send up to 62k emails a month to a list with up to 1000 people—or for very large lists where Amazon SES' pricing keeps your emails economical. But even without the cost savings, EmailOctopus is a simple, easy way to send emails—ones that look great with easy to customize templates.

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