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Send emails for new photos uploaded in Typeform that fail verification by Peltarion

  1. When this happensStep 1: New Entry

  2. Then do thisStep 2: Prediction

  3. Then do thisStep 3: Send Outbound Email

Set up this integration to build a system that will automatically trigger Peltarion's computer vision models to verify photo uploads from your users or customers as soon as they're uploaded to Typeform. If they fail verification, you'll be notified automatically via email. This can be used, for example, for confirming that the product a customer wants a refund for is in fact broken, or for any other example where the customer sends in a photo that needs to be verified in some way.

*Notes: If you want to test it without building your own Peltarion model, you can use these keys to call one of the Peltarion demo models for car damage classification using images. Simply enter them into the Peltarion part of the flow and you’ll be able to use the model without leaving the Zapier interface.

URL: https://a.azure-eu-west.platform.peltarion.com/deployment/51214a73-336b-40d3-bdcb-b65980e683bf/forward Token: 1a3ddc3d-f17a-4a3d-aeb8-c73c4d08925f

When building this you will need to add in a 'funnel' step after the Peltarion part, to ensure that you only verify those that the AI model is confident in its predictions for. Choose the icon with the funnel, and the command 'only continue if...', and then specify that class confidence should be greater than 1. You'll then be ready to go!

To build your own, check out our tutorial here: https://peltarion.com/knowledge-center/documentation/tutorials/verify-images-with-zapier-and-peltarion*

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