Create Wunderlist tasks from new emails parsed by Zapier

You need to create tasks for those important emails, but not all their information is relevant. Set up this Zap and we'll help you isolate the signal from the noise: send a new email to your Parser mailbox, and we'll automatically extract the information you need from it according to your rules, creating a new task for it on Wunderlist every time.

Note: Before using this integration, you'll need to set up a Zapier Email Parser Mailbox. Sign up for a free Parser account and learn more at the Parser homepage.

How this Email Parser-Wunderlist integration works

  1. Zapier parses a new email
  2. Zapier automatically creates a task on Wunderlist

Apps involved

  • Email Parser
  • Wunderlist
Create Wunderlist tasks from new emails parsed by Zapier
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Wunderlist is the easiest way to get stuff done. Whether you’re planning a holiday, sharing a shopping list with a partner or managing multiple work projects, Wunderlist is here to help you tick off all your personal and professional to-dos.

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