Create Splitwise expenses from new parsed emails

Want to create expenses automatically using information from emails? Let Zapier automatically pull out relevant payment and receipt information from within your emails and generate expenses in Splitwise.

Note: This is an advanced Zapier function that relies on previously set up Parser mailboxes. You can sign up for Parser and learn more about how it works on the Parser Homepage.

How this Zapier Email Parser-Splitwise integration works

  1. After setting up a template, a new email is sent to a designated mailbox in Zapier Email Parser
  2. Zapier creates an expense in Splitwise

Apps involved

  • Email Parser by Zapier. You'll need to create a basic template to let Zapier know which information to extract from incoming emails.
  • Splitwise
Create Splitwise expenses from new parsed emails
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Send emails to your custom address and extract any data! Visit for more information!

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Splitwise is an app for splitting bills and expenses with friends.

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