Send SendGrid email for new emails parsed by Zapier

Don't waste time searching through emails for valuable data - let Zapier find that information automatically and let you know when it does! Once you've got this Zap up and running, every time Zapier parses through another email it will send out a new email via SendGrid with the extracted information, ensuring that not only will you get the data you need without any junk, it will also be automatic!

Note: This is an advanced Zapier function that relies on previously set up Parser mailboxes. You can sign up for Parser and learn more about how it works on the Parser homepage.

How It Works

  1. A new email is parsed by Zapier
  2. Zapier automatically sends a SendGrid email

What You Need

  • Email Parser by Zapier account
  • SendGrid account
Send SendGrid email for new emails parsed by Zapier
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