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MeetEdgar update · June 13, 2016

Put Your Social Media Library on Autopilot with Edgar

A full schedule of posting and tweeting can eat up your entire day, but there's no denying the value of traffic from social media. So how can you reap those benefits while still taking care of other tasks? Meet Edgar. This social posting platform and its friendly mascot more
Stephanie Gonzaga
Written by Stephanie GonzagaLast updated August 14, 2018

The most popular brands have a consistent social media presence, posting great content and engaging with their audiences every day. You may not have their marketing teams to handle your accounts for you, but you can publish content just as consistently without the dreaded social media time-suck. All you need is a guy like Edgar.

MeetEdgar is a social media scheduling tool that automates every aspect of your social media marketing: content creation, re-sharing, and cross-platform publishing. What sets it apart from similar apps like Hootsuite or Stacker is the ability to grow a library of social media updates either from scratch or by pulling in existing content from your blog. That way, you don't have to keep refilling your queue with new content every day. Instead, Edgar posts to all of your social accounts on a rotating schedule, keeping them fresh and your followers engaged.

Edgar currently supports the big three networks: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can add up to 25 accounts, each of which will prompt Edgar to launch the approval process before adding it to the Accounts list. As you use Edgar every day, you can refresh any of your accounts to keep the connection active or to re-establish the connection in case of any changes made on your end.

Once you've added all of your accounts, it's time to head over to the Library. This is the central hub where you can view and manage approved, pending, and rejected content before it gets sent to the queue for publishing. On the left-side menu, you can select specific filters so it's easy to view and make changes to content for a particular social network, account, content category, or RSS source.

Creating and scheduling a social media update to your library begins with the Add New Content button at the top-right side of the dashboard. You'll be taken to the Editor page, where you can select the accounts to share to and the appropriate color-coded category (e.g., General, My Blog Posts, Updates) before composing the post. Variations is an especially unique feature to Edgar, which lets you create and schedule different versions of your update to share on your social networks. Edgar then stacks these variations like cards, going from stack to stack when choosing what to share next. Not only does it keep your feeds fresh, but it also allows you to create versions of your update that comply with the platforms you're sharing to.

The Schedule is where you'll build the posting schedules for all of your accounts on Edgar. A weekly calendar view lets you add new time slots to each day of the week. When adding a time slot, select the social accounts, the category to pull content from, and the date and time to post. If you'd like to post an update from any of your saved categories, select Random from the category dropdown, and hit Save. Finally, you can view and manage scheduled content for all or one of your accounts in the Accounts list at the top of the Scheduler.

With Edgar by your side, you can delegate your social media content curation and scheduling. And as he works in the background, your audience can finally see and enjoy your content regardless of time and location.

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MeetEdgar is a social media scheduling tool that catalogues your posts in a library and publishes them on a recurring schedule.

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