Ecwid Updates

Ecwid mention · December 12, 2017

The Zapier Guide to Line Items

e pluribus unum. The timeworn phrase that graces most US banknotes—Latin for "Out of many, one"—was intended to represent the United States being one nation of many states, could easily have a double meaning. After all, so often when you open your wallet to pay a receipt or invoice, more
Ecwid update · August 18, 2017

Updates for Ecwid: Use Zaps to Create Coupon Codes, plus New Custom Order Fields

Coupon codes can unlock helpful information about where your new customers are coming from, but managing a long list of bespoke codes can cause major headaches. With the latest update to the Ecwid-Zapier integration, you can use Zaps to automatically create discount coupons. For example, Zapier can create coupon more
Ecwid update · November 21, 2016

New for Ecwid: Trigger Zaps from New Paid and Unfinished Orders

When customers leave without finishing their orders, it's time to take action. Now you can set up Zaps to automatically send emails about the unfinished Ecwid orders. That way, you can make sure orders aren't in limbo. Plus, you can now create Zaps that trigger whenever new paid Ecwid more
Ecwid update · October 22, 2015

Enhance Your Ecommerce Efforts with Ecwid

In the past, setting up an online storefront required having someone with computer programming experience set everything up for you, which could be time consuming and costly. As a small business owner, margins are tiny and your time is valuable. Ecwid offers a quick and easy solution for anyone more

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