Add new EASI'R tasks as Google Calendar as events

If you're having trouble keeping track of all those time-sensitive tasks, a little automation can go a long way. After you set up this integration, Zapier will catch every new task that's added on EASI'R, automatically creating a Google Calendar event for it so you know what to do and when at all times.

How this EASI'R-Google Calendar integration works

  1. A new activity is created in EASI'R with a task
  2. Zapier creates a detailed event on Google Calendar with all the task information.

Apps involved

  • EASI'R
  • Google Calendar
Add new EASI'R tasks as Google Calendar as events
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EASI’R is a sales acceleration platform that enables bundling and processing automotive leads under one single roof. Collect all online and offline leads in a convenient way, organize tasks the easier way, save time with automated contact sequences, and get sales reports by one click.

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Google Calendar lets you organize your schedule and share events with co-workers and friends. With Google's free online calendar, it's easy to keep track of your daily schedule.

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