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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated May 19, 2015

Onboarding new customers and keeping your followers engaged is a large task, one that'll likely require more than just email messages. With a younger audience—and time constrained messages like promotions and appointment reminders—SMS messages will likely give better results. With an older audience, voice messages might do the trick better, while with traditional businesses like law firms and hospitals, a fax might still be the thing to catch people's eye. Either way, E-goi is a marketing app that's ready for any channel you need to use to reach your audience.

Dive into your new account, and you'll find a row of icons to launch a new campaign along the bottom of the screen. There's immediate or scheduled campaigns—those are great to send a one-off message to your audience. Beyond those, you'll find an option for RSS to email to automatically send out your blog posts, as well as autoresponders, special date messages, trigger messages, and split test tools. No matter which you choose—aside from the RSS mailing—will have you set up one specific message that's sent once, when something specific happens. It's an easy way to setup drip marketing, without having to plan out your entire marketing program at once.

Each of the new campaign options—again, aside from RSS and, this time, split-test campaigns—will let you send your marketing messages as email, SMS, voice message or fax. For SMS, there's an option to send a straight SMS message—one that just includes the text you need to send—or a Smart SMS message that includes a link to an online landing page that E-goi will help you build. Fax lets you import a PDF file to send out on a schedule, with a test button that'll let you see how the fax looks by sending one to yourself.

Voice message are, perhaps, the most interesting since they're so different from what you'd expect in an email marketing app—and there's so much potential to make them smarter than just a recording. You can record your own messages, upload them in WAV or MP3 formats, and test delivery by having E-goi call your phone and play back the message. Or, you can use VoiceXML code to script your own smart phone answering system, one that'll call your contacts, play a message, then let them select a menu option that'll play another message or transfer the call. There's even personalization, so your automated calls can include your contacts names, special events, locations, and more.

Once you've sent out your messages—whether through email, fax, SMS, or voice—you can setup another auto-responder afterwards. That way, you can followup to a received voice call with an SMS coupon code, or send an email if your fax doesn't go through. And along the way, E-goi includes features to help you along, with templates for any type of emails you want to send, pre-made landing pages for Smart SMS messages, and options to save draft messages to reuse whenever you need.

If there's a marketing app that can get in touch with people wherever they are, it's E-goi. Whether you want to send emails to your global audience, call a house phone in Portugal—where E-goi is based, incidentally—or send a fax to your supplier in China, E-goi's got the communications tools you need.

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E-goi Features

  • Send marketing campaigns via email, SMS, fax, or voice message
  • Analyze emails to check for errors before sending
  • Send emails manually, on a schedule, via RSS, triggers, or with an autoresponder
  • Use Smart SMS templates to send an SMS with a link to a landing page
  • Voice automation to send messages that the receiver can interact with

E-goi Pricing

  • € 18/month Starter plan for unlimited emails / push notifications up to 10k contacts and 50 SMS messages
  • € 68/month Pro plan for unlimited emails / push notifications up to 100k contacts, priority support, and 500 SMS messages
  • Pay-as-you-go plans available from € 0.0024/email, € 0.04/SMS, €0,0024/Push Notifications and € 0.042/voice message

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