Save new Pocket items to Dovetail

As you’re browsing around the web, collating research data or papers to analyze, you'll want to share that info with your team. Just add it to Pocket—then with this integration, Zapier will automatically save the page as a new note in Dovetail. It’ll set the title to the article title, and include an excerpt along with the URL to the article.

How this Pocket-Dovetail integration works

  1. A new item is saved to your Pocket
  2. Zapier creates a note in Dovetail with the URL and an excerpt

Apps involved

  • Pocket
  • Dovetail
Save new Pocket items to Dovetail
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Pocket is the best way to save articles, videos and links to view on any device, any time.

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Dovetail lets you organize user research data, analyze it together, and share insights with your team. Understand your customers with Dovetail and build better things.

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