Send emails from Gmail with data parsed from PDFs by Docparser

Tired of sending all those emails whenever you get a new document? Let Zapier take over with some automation. Set up this integration, and we'll capture all the data parsed out of every new PDF document you upload to Docparser. An email will then be sent out from your Gmail account, containing any mix of fixed text and the data found by Docparser, letting your recipients know whenever there's something to see.

Note: This Zap will trigger once per document if you're only parsing for single data points, or once per row if you're parsing for tabular data.

How this Docparser-Gmail integration works

  1. Docparser extracts data fields from a PDF document
  2. Zapier sends out an email from Gmail

Apps involved

  • Docparser
  • Gmail
Send emails from Gmail with data parsed from PDFs by Docparser
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Docparser converts your PDF documents into structured and easy-to-handle data. With Docparser you can pull out specific data fields (e.g. Purchase Order Number, Date, Shipping Address, ...) and tabular data from your documents.

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Gmail is a free advertising-supported email service provided by Google. It's one of the most popular email services in the world.

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