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It starts out with the Disqus comment block for your website. You can add your site to Disqus, either with its embed code, built-in integrations in apps like Squarespace, or add-ons for WordPress and other content management systems. That will instantly give your posts and pages a Disqus-powered comment block.

By default, Disqus comments aren't that much different from WordPress' default comment tools. Each comment includes the poster's name, avatar, and comment, along with options to reply to them and up or down-vote the comment—something helpful for uncovering the most insightful comments. But one thing is far different: accounts. You can enable guest comments if you'd like, but otherwise, commenters are required to login with their Disqus or social network accounts. That removes anonymity, which can keep away spam and harassing or hurtful comments.

Those profiles also give you quick insights into your audience. You'll notice your most faithful readers' faces, and can follow them or see their other recent comments. Or, if someone's causing trouble, you can block them from your site—and back up your intuition by seeing aggregate data from other Disqus sites about that commenter and their spam rating.

Inside your Disqus account, you'll get those same tools and more. You can see every comment on your site, approve comments that have been held for moderation, and review comments marked as spam to ensure no real comments were accidentally flagged. There are also tools to see your top comments and your engagement over time, for a peek at your community. And if you want to keep your comments tidier, you can add word filters, prevent readers from sharing links, and add moderators to help you sort through comments. You can even setup customized notifications, so you always know when a new comment needs replied to.

The Disqus community extends beyond your site. Your readers' Disqus accounts work on all other sites that use Disqus, giving them an easy way to stay engaged on a number of sites without making a new account. Disqus also includes Reddit-style channels and discussions on its own site, to expand your comments and discover more content you love. And if your site is looking for a new way to bring in revenue, Disqus' new Reveal platform can include relevant articles above your site comments to show new content to your readers and make money at the same time.

Comments are tough to get right, but Disqus carefully balances community and comments to make them a friendly part of the web again. It's a great way to easily moderate your comments without requiring your readers to make yet another online account.

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