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Discord mention · June 21, 2019

Team Chat Showdown: Slack vs. Discord

The current team chat landscape is truly a tale of two tools: Slack and Discord. Slack has been the go-to team communication platform for years, while Discord is most known for its voice communication, providing a non-interruptive experience that has been embraced by the gaming community. So is Slack for...read more
Discord update · September 17, 2018

New Integration: Chat for Free While Gaming with Discord

Discord is a free, secure, and reliable voice and text chat platform that allows gamers to communicate with each other without slowing down the performance of their games. Set up Discord in seconds without downloading drivers, or run directly in your browser. Invite friends to chat with push notifications, then...read more
Farheen Gani
Written by Farheen GaniLast updated April 1, 2019

Discord is a free text and voice chat app, designed for gamers. The platform allows you to create different groups—aka servers—and discuss your favorite games and related topics with fellow game enthusiasts.

Once you've created an account, you'll be asked to create your first server, which is like an individual chat room. If you want to join existing servers on Discord, click Server Discovery, and you can browse servers for popular games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Warframe.

Each server is divided into three panes. The first has text and voice channels, as well as the option to invite people. The second pane is a chat window where you can send messages, GIFs, emoji, and free games. The last pane in a server lets you see which members are online. If you want to invite friends to your server, just copy the invite link and send it their way.

Text channels in a server are similar to discussion threads in any online community. By default, your server will have a #general text channel. You also have the option to add new channels and control various settings, like setting a limit for how many messages a member can send to a channel or who is allowed to edit channel settings. The @ option at the top of a server lets you track if you've been mentioned in a chat. Voice channels have similar options as text channels. But what differentiates voice chat in Discord from other apps, such as Skype, is the ability to set individual volumes for each participant and the ability to mute others.

The main draw of Discord is that it can be used simultaneously while playing games. If you have the app installed on your desktop, you can overlay it on the game so you don't need to switch back and forth between the game and the chat. It's an easy way to interact with fellow game enthusiasts and keep in touch with gaming communities at large.

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