Add new Typeform entry to a Direct Mail mailing list

Get more value out of your Typeform results by adding each result to your Direct Mail mailing list and staying in touch! This Zapier integration automatically adds new Typeform responses to your Direct Mail mailing list as new subscribers.

Note: This Zapier integration does not import email addresses for preexisting Typeform responses, only new responses after you've set it up.

How It Works

  1. Typeform records a new entry
  2. Zapier adds the entry's email address (if provided) to Direct Mail

What You Need

  • Typeform account
  • Direct Mail account
Add new Typeform entry to a Direct Mail mailing list
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Typeform helps you ask awesomely online! If you ever need to run a survey, questionnaire, form, contest etc... Typeform will help you achieve it beautifully across all devices, every time, using its next generation platform.

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Direct Mail is a native OS X app for creating, sending, and tracking email campaigns. Includes tools for building mailing list sign-up forms, autoresponders, dynamic content, and more. Works offline and online, including cloud collaboration features.

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