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Device Magic mention · December 9, 2016

How to Accept Payments From an Online Form

Forms are among the web's most versatile tools. Need a contact form? Drag an Email and Text field into a form editor, copy its embed code, add it to your site, and you're done. Want to make a survey? Just add enough extra fields to your form more
Device Magic update · April 25, 2016

Pair Zaps with Device Magic Forms to Collect Data Offline

New Action: Dispatch Device Magic Forms Distributed teams that need to count on reliable communication, even without network connection, are turning to Device Magic's offline, mobile forms. If your onsite consultants need to record essential data while out in the field, they can submit Device Magic forms on more
Device Magic mention · January 2, 2015

Device Magic, Intellinote and Social Pilot Now on Zapier

Ready to try a new app in the new year? Consider one of the latest three integrated with Zapier: form builder Device Magic, project management app Intellinote and social media scheduling tool Social Pilot. If those don't grab your interest, then RescueTime surely will as it's a more
Device Magic update · December 12, 2014

Integrate Your Device Magic Forms with Hundreds of Apps

When you want forms that are easy to fill out on-the-go, and include features like picture upload and signatures that are perfect for remote work orders, Device Magic is a great form tool. It simplifies your on-the-field data collection process, and gives you an easy way to gather information more
Device Magic mention · June 17, 2014

The 14 Best Online Form Builders for Every Task

When you need to collect information, learn people’s preferences or gather feedback, there’s nothing better than a form. Sure, forms can be boring, but that depends on what tool you choose and how you use it. You can make a form interesting, simple to fill out, and more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated August 10, 2018
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Your most important forms may not be the ones you share with the public—the surveys and contact forms that are what comes to mind first when one thinks of a form builder. Instead, the forms you need to rely on the most may be those that your employees use to audit your stores, list inventory, place work orders, and more. Those forms would do little good in a website designed to be viewed on a desktop computer—they're the forms that need filled when you're out and about, on the job, and in the middle of your other important tasks.

For those forms, you'll need to create the forms back in the office, but the forms themselves will need to be filled out in a way that can work anywhere. Mobile apps are best for that. And that's why Device Magic is a form creator centered around the iOS and Android devices your team members are already using. You'll make forms from its website, deploy them to mobile devices to be filled out on the job, and then let Device Magic automatically route the data to the other apps you rely on.

Device Magic forms can include all types of special form fields that would only work on a mobile device. You can add a picture field, for example, that lets people upload an existing picture, or you can force it to require a new picture to guarantee it was taken right then. There's also a barcode scanner field, location selector that can auto-fill via GPS, a signature line to sign forms with your finger, and a sketch field that lets people draw a diagram or sketch to outline what they're trying to explain. That's along with the standard form fields you'd expect, like text boxes, yes/no buttons, and more.

Once your form's made, it's time to deploy it to your team's devices. You'll use Device Magic's user roles to manage permissions, to make sure the right people have the correct forms. Then, you can setup custom notifications when forms are filled out, so the data goes to the correct teams immediately. And, if you need to make a new, custom form for a project, you can push it out to your team, pre-fill it with the most important data that you already have, and notify them to pick it up from there. Or, if your team needs to work offline, no problem: Device Magic's apps will let them add data offline, then will sync it back with your team when they're back online.

Then, it's time to put your data to work. Device Magic's forms let you setup integrations that can automatically turn your form entries into Word or PDF documents, or append the results to a spreadsheet. You can setup custom notifications when forms get filled out, use Zapier and other integrations to send form data to the other apps you use, or use its API to build your own apps around your Device Magic forms.

Building forms for your team—especially when you're just getting started—can be difficult and time consuming, so Device Magic offers to help there, too. They offer a service to build a form for you based on your needs. Or, if you already have a paper form you've been relying on, you can send in a copy of that form and the Device Magic team can turn it into a digital form for your team. They can even make report templates for your team, if you need.

If you need to make forms for your team to use in their work, Device Magic is a great option to quickly gather data on the field and send it to the correct teams or automatically route it to the apps where it's needed most.

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Originally published 5 March 2015; updated 6 October 2016, 10 Feb 2017, 8 August 2018 with new pricing, screenshots, and feature listings

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