Be notified of new Desk cases in Moxtra

Keeping your entire team in sync on all issues is extremely important, but like many teams you may have different methods of communications. Zapier can help with that, connecting apps you use daily like Desk and Moxtra together for ease of communication for the whole team.

How It Works

  1. A new case is opened in Desk
  2. Zapier automatically sends the case to a Moxtra binder

What You Need

  • A Desk account
  • Moxtra account
Be notified of new Desk cases in Moxtra
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Desk is the new version of Assistly under the flagship Salesforce brand.

Desk is an all-in-one customer service tool allowing you to keep track of your customers across multiple channels including email, Twitter, Facebook, phone, and chat. Desk also makes it really easy to create knowledge bases about your products and services so customers can support themselves.

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Moxtra delivers a mobile-first, embeddable, multi-layered cloud collaboration service that lets people work the way they want to - on the go or at their desks, in real-time or any time.

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