Track an event in Mixpanel when a new case is created in Desk

Amazing customer support should involve the teams building and designing your products. With this Desk-Mixpanel integration, when a case is created, an event for that user is tracked in Mixpanel. Now you can use Mixpanel reports to better understand things like how usage of different features correlate with ticket submission or determine what type of user behavior leads to a ticket. You can even automatically send targeted notifications based on ticket submission and user actions.

How this Desk-Mixpanel integration works

  1. A new ticket is created in Desk
  2. Zapier tracks an event in Mixpanel

Apps involved

  • Desk
  • Mixpanel
Track an event in Mixpanel when a new case is created in Desk
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Desk is the new version of Assistly under the flagship Salesforce brand.

Desk is an all-in-one customer service tool allowing you to keep track of your customers across multiple channels including email, Twitter, Facebook, phone, and chat. Desk also makes it really easy to create knowledge bases about your products and services so customers can support themselves.

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Mixpanel provides product analytics for understanding user behavior in apps & websites. Build better products faster with instant insights.

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