Add new LemonStand customers to Desk as new customers

Stop spending time exporting or copy/pasting your customers by hand. This LemonStand and Desk integration automatically adds new LemonStand customers to Desk as new customers, so you don't ever have to worry about typos or duplicates again.

How this LemonStand-Desk integration works

  1. A new customer is created in LemonStand
  2. Zapier creates a new customer in Desk

Apps involved

  • LemonStand
  • Desk
Add new LemonStand customers to Desk as new customers
LemonStand integration logo

A refreshingly customizable eCommerce platform. LemonStand helps web developers, agencies and fast growing brands create beautiful online stores that stand out from the crowd and sell more.

Desk integration logo

Desk is the new version of Assistly under the flagship Salesforce brand.

Desk is an all-in-one customer service tool allowing you to keep track of your customers across multiple channels including email, Twitter, Facebook, phone, and chat. Desk also makes it really easy to create knowledge bases about your products and services so customers can support themselves.

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