Track new Desk support cases in GoSquared

Delight your users with contextual support. What was your user doing at the exact moment they raised a support request? Track new Desk cases in-line with all your users other online actions to offer tailored advice in GoSquared.

Note: This will not important historical cases, only new ones created since you turned this Zap on.

How It Works

  1. A new support case is created in Desk
  2. Zapier tracks the event in GoSquared People

What You Need

  • GoSquared account
  • Desk account
Track new Desk support cases in GoSquared
Desk integration logo

Desk is the new version of Assistly under the flagship Salesforce brand.

Desk is an all-in-one customer service tool allowing you to keep track of your customers across multiple channels including email, Twitter, Facebook, phone, and chat. Desk also makes it really easy to create knowledge bases about your products and services so customers can support themselves.

GoSquared integration logo

GoSquared is a customer analytics platform that brings together all your customer information in one place. GoSquared enables teams to easily search, discover and take action on their customer data, enabling them to acquire more customers, provide better support, and build a better product.

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