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Demio mention · November 29, 2017

The Best Webinar Software for Marketers

There's something about visual communication and a classroom setting that makes people pay just a little more attention to your message. Webinars are the internet's way of recreating this effect online. Maybe you want to run webinars to generate leads and demonstrate expertise to potential clients. Maybe more
Demio update · December 27, 2016

New App: Webinars Made Simple with Demio

Demio is a smart webinar hosting platform that’s simple to use whether you’re hosting or attending a webinar. With Demio, creating a webinar is as easy as fill-in-the-blank, yet this tool is powerful in its customization which allows you to brand your webinar’s look and feel, more
Stephanie Gonzaga
Written by Stephanie GonzagaLast updated August 3, 2017

Webinars are a fun and engaging way to share what you know and love with the world. They're a great way for individuals and businesses alike to share their knowledge and expand their reach. With the right webinar platform, a webcam, microphone, and stable internet, you can teach anyone around the world.

Webinar software can be confusing, though, with most tools focused on either video calls or broadcasting to a wide audience. Demio fits neatly in between the two. Simple yet smart, it's a simple way to host live Q&A sessions, workshops, online training, and more. As long as you're using Google Chrome—the only supported browser at the moment—you'll be able to get your webinar online in minutes.

And you don't even need to plan far ahead. Simply click on the green Add new event button and the event setup page asks just three things from you: Your event title, the event description, and the first date of your scheduled webinar. If you’ve created past events, you can copy their settings into the new webinar to save time. Once you’ve filled in your event details, click Continue to create the event. All upcoming and past webinars are listed and accessible right from your Demio dashboard.

For a webinar to succeed, it needs people join your event. Demio helps there, too. Click on the Advanced drop-down when editing your event to see a list of features you can use for your webinar campaigns. Registrations, for instance, gives you an editor where you can customize your registration page—no technical knowledge required. Simply click to edit your page description, upload a new logo, or insert a welcome video. You can then create styled form or popup registration embeds to make registrations quick and easy for visitors on your website.

Automation Rules are another powerful feature that give Demio an edge over other platforms. You can create rules that segment your contacts in real-time based on actions they take (e.g. joins webinar, leaves webinar early). If you’ve integrated third-party marketing tools like Infusionsoft or MailChimp, you can tell Demio perhaps tag people who stayed for the whole event as those most likely to buy—and then you can customize your marketing accordingly. This can be a huge timesaver to get more results from your webinar.

Want to share materials with your webinar attendees? Under the same Advanced drop-down, the Materials option lets you upload and share your presentation and other files during your webinar—perhaps PowerPoint or Keynote slides, a Zip of exercise materials, or a link to a YouTube video. Slides will turned into PDFs, so your attendees can view the sides during the webinar right from their browser. That keeps everyone engaged without having to switch back and forth between apps.

You’re now ready to start the webinar! Click on the blue Start webinar button to jump in as a host. Before going live, Demio provides a quick checklist of things you need to do to ensure you have everything set up and running. It then takes you ”Backstage“ where you can enable your mic and webcam, coordinate with collaborators, and upload resources for your attendees to download. Once everything is in place, click Start Webinar to begin the show. Demio records everything you do during the event and automatically uploads these files to your account at the end of the webinar. You can then share the link with your attendees or set an automation rule to send the link of the replay via email once the meeting is done.

Whether it’s a 1-on-1 training session or a series of workshops, you can use Demio to create and deliver a smooth and positive experience for both you and your audience members. Every aspect of the webinar campaign process is taken into account, from the moment you hit the Start button till your attendees exit the webinar. You only need your knowledge and creativity to set the stage—and Demio's automations and checklists will make sure you don't forget anything else.

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