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Delay mention · March 29, 2018

Steal This Workflow: How to Save Hours Every Week with Webhooks

You’ve seen them hiding in your app’s settings, promising to send notifications, sync data, and connect to other software you use. Webhooks. They’re the mysterious extra in so many apps. But what are they, how do they work—and why do they have such long, confusing URLs? Zapier user Bill Miksich, more
Delay mention · September 21, 2017

Send Follow Up Emails Automatically and Spend Time on Your Passion

If you Google "leadership quotes", you'll find any number of inspirational, often fluffy adages about motivation and keeping your eye on the prize. Often missing is the self-reflection and examination necessary to become a fully developed leader. Coaching service Reboot digs down deep—focusing on the existential challenges that work more
Delay update · January 23, 2016

Introducing Delay By Zapier: A Snooze Button for Your Data

Zapier is built for speed. It helps you set up workflows in minutes, and it's a lot faster than writing your own code. But you can't always move at a million miles per minute—sometimes, you, and your data, just need a breather. That's why we created Delay by Zapier, more

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What is Delay by Zapier?


Put your Actions on hold for a specified amount of time before sending data to another app. You can set up scheduled emails, get notified of incomplete tasks, send automatic follow-ups, and automate other tasks on your timeline.