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What DEAR Inventory Triggers and Actions are Supported

Supported Triggers#

  • Sale Shipment Tracking Number Changed - Triggers when a sale's shipment tracking number changed.
  • Sale Fulfilment Update - Triggers when a sale's fulfilment status is updated.
  • Sale Voided/Undone - Triggers when a sale is voided or undone.
  • Stock Level Update - Triggered when a change is made to product availability.
  • Sale Additional Info Added - Triggers when an additional information is added to a sale
  • New Supplier / Updated Supplier - Triggered when suppliers are created or updated.
  • Sale Invoice Authorised - Triggers when a sales invoice authorised.
  • Sale Status Change - Triggers when a sales status is changed.
  • Sale Attachment Added - Triggers when an attachment is added to a sale
  • New Payment - Triggers when a payment is added to a sale.
  • Sale Credit Note Authorised - Triggers when a sales credit note authorised.
  • New Customer / Updated Customer - Triggered when customers are created or updated.

Supported Searches#

  • Find a Sale Fulfilment - Search for sale fulfilment by id.
  • Find a Product - Search for product by name or sku.
  • Find a Sale Extended - Search for sale by order number, status, customer, invoice number, customer reference, credit note number.
  • Find an Assembly - Search for assembly by status, sale id or other fields.
  • Find a Sale Payments - Search for sale payments by sale id, order number, invoice number, credit note number.
  • Find a Products Availability - Search for products availability.
  • Find a Sale Credit Note - Search for sale credit note by id.
  • Find a Sale Invoice - Search for sale invoice by id.
  • Find a Sale - Search for sale by id.
  • Find a Customer - Search for customer by name.

Supported Actions#

  • Update Customer - Updates a customer.
  • Add Sale Payment - Adds payment to sale.
  • Create Product - Creates a new product.
  • Add Sale Attachment. - Adds attachment to sale.
  • Update Supplier - Updates a supplier.
  • Create Supplier - Creates a new supplier.
  • Update Product - Updates the product.
  • Create Sale - Creates a new sale.
  • Create Customer - Creates a new customer.
  • Update Sale - Updates a sale.
  • Add Sale Shipment - Adds shipment to sale.
  • Add Sale Pack - Adds pack to sale.
  • Create Stock Adjustment - Creates a stock adjustment.
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How to Get Started with DEAR Inventory on Zapier

Before you follow the instructions below to get connected, you need the API Application Module and the Notification Module. Both can be added to DEAR subscription as separate modules.

To add these, use this link:

When you start creating a DEAR Inventory Zap, you will be asked to connect your DEAR Inventory account.

Click to connect DEAR Inventory

Next, you'll be asked to enter your DEAR Inventory API key.

DEAR Inventory API Key

To locate your API Key in your DEAR Inventory account, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your app account
  2. Click on "INTEGRATION" from Top Left menu
  3. Choose "API"
  4. Click on Plus sign
  5. Create new Integration
  6. Copy "Account ID" and "Key" to Zapier authorization form

DEAR Inventory API Key in account

Paste your key back into your Zapier account and then “Continue.”

If all steps were successful your DEAR Inventory account will now be successfully connected.

DEAR Inventory connection successful

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Common Problems with DEAR Inventory on Zapier

I can't get connected to Dear Inventory#

You need the API Application Module and the Notification Module. Both can be added to DEAR subscription as separate modules.

To add these, use this link:

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