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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated March 6, 2018

Your website or app is online. It’s up, running, and you haven’t gotten a downtime alert. That used to be enough, all the assurance you needed.

No longer. Today dozens of services and services power your app, managing your data and sending notifications and keeping track of everything that happens. If one of the dominos go down, you might not notice as long as the main website’s up and running—while new users are unable to get their account verification emails and existing users aren’t able to process payments.

Datadog’s a monitoring tool for today’s server infrastructure world. It watches everything that powers all of your apps and sites so you’ll know exactly what’s going on. You’ll start out by connecting it to your server or computer by installing a monitoring application via terminal. And if you have your site running on one server, that might be all you need to set up. That one app can monitor your server’s core performance, your database, your web server, and more. But odds are you’ll need to monitor more—so install Datadog’s agent on all of your servers, or connect your critical SaaS infrastructure via Datadog’s API integrations.

Then you can set up dashboards to monitor exactly what you need. The Dashboards tab automatically includes a few dashboards to help you monitor standard server data points including CPU usage and disk latency. Click the New Dashboard button to create your own. There, you can add text headings and notes along with graphs, values, timelines, and more, each focused on the specific part of your infrastructure you want to monitor.

There’s also a heads-up view of your entire infrastructure in the Infrastructure tab. That clusters your servers and services together by tags, showing each one with a color based on CPU utilization or other common metrics so you can see anything that’s critical or overworked. Click one of the sections to zoom in and see specifics about how that server or application is performing.

Datadog keeps a detailed log of everything that happens in your services, where you can drill through updates and notices and see connected events. Did your database take down the whole server, or did something happen right before your email service went down? The data’s all there to connect the dots. You can also setup custom monitoring that will, say, email you if a server is down for more than 5 minutes, or notify your team if a specific service has a certain error.

It’s a complete tool for monitoring the stuff that keeps your site and apps running. Need a heads-up display for your team? A Datadog dashboard is one of the easiest ways to get that—with customized notifications alongside that let you know exactly how everything’s running when you don’t have time to check.

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Datadog Features

  • Monitor your servers, SaaS apps, cloud hosting providers, and individual apps
  • Quickly set up monitoring with native apps and API-powered integrations
  • Group your infrastructure tools into groups to see full site and app stacks together
  • Create databases and customizable alerts to keep track of how your applications are performing
  • Dig through system events and add custom messages when something happens

Datadog Pricing

  • Free for up to 5 hosts with 1 day metric retention
  • $15/month per host Pro plan for up to 100 hosts, alerts, custom metrics, and 15 month metric retention
  • $23/month per host Enterprise plan for Pro features plus unlimited hosts, advanced reporting, and premium support

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Datadog is a service for IT, Operations and Development teams who write and run applications at scale, and want to turn the massive amounts of data produced by their apps, tools and services into actionable insight.