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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated May 19, 2017
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Numbers rule the world. Whether it's today's stock prices and exchange rates or your store's sales and new leads, odds are numbers guide most of your business decisions. You grade your product launch and customer support successes on your total sales and email volume. And often, you need to compare numbers with each other—is this product selling better than the other, or is your email list getting more followers than your Facebook Page?

Dasheroo can help you keep track of it all. Part of the Freshlime family of apps, Dasheroo makes it simple to get all of your most important metrics on one dashboard with the visualization that makes sense for that number. And, you can compare multiple values in mashups. It'll keep you from opening a half-dozen tabs every morning to check your team's stats—and then pulling out a calculator or spreadsheet to compare numbers.

You'll start out by building your own dashboard either by adding your own data widgets (called insights in Dasheroo). Or, select the Templates tab in the insights pane to pick a dashboard template with widgets that fit a variety of use cases from marketing to sales to social media. Either way, you'll select the apps you use, connect them to Dasheroo, then pick the metric you want to watch. Perhaps you'll watch Twitter or Facebook for new followers, Google Analytics for overall site traffic, Shopify for total sales, or an RSS feed for new blog posts. Or, you can connect any app you with with Dasheroo's Zapier integration, which lets you pull data from over 700 apps into your dashboards.

With your apps connected, you'll then pick the insights you want from each app. Or, pick a mashup to connect two apps at once and compare the data from them. That'll add the data in a graph to your dashboard, where you can drag-and-drop them into the order you want.

Now, each day when you get to work, all you have to do is open Dasheroo to see how your company is doing—or leave it open on a TV as a heads-up display for your team. Dasheroo can even remind you to check your dashboard with alerts when numbers go over a threshold—perhaps to know to jump on Twitter if your company mentions are going up rapidly. It can also export your dashboard as a PDF or PNG image file, for an easy way to share your data and turn your dashboards into auto-updating reports.

You can also collaborate in your dashboard. Have your team members keep Dasheroo open on their computers, and everyone can comment on insights when things change. That's a great way to quickly dig into what caused a change and keep track of your metrics alongside with what they mean.

Analytics drive so many of your business decisions—but don't let them take up all of your work day. With an easy-to-build Dasheroo dashboard, you'll have all of your most important numbers in one place where your team can easily track and collaborate on them.

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Dasheroo Features

  • See all of your company's most important data in one dashboard
  • Add insights as pre-made widgets with the most important metrics
  • Build dashboards easily from templates
  • Use data insight mashups to compare two data points in one chart
  • Export dashboards in PDF or PNG formats
  • iOS and Android apps available

Dasheroo Pricing

  • Free for 1 dashboard, 4 data insights, and 1 mashup insight with daily data refresh
  • $9/month Tall plan for 4 dashboards, 10 data insights, 3 mashup insights, and 5 alerts with twice daily data refresh
  • $19/month Grande plan for 8 dashboards, 20 data insights, all mashup insights, and 20 alerts with hourly data refresh
  • $39/month Venti plan for 20 dashboards, 60 data insights, all mashup insights, and 60 alerts with hourly data refresh

15% discount available for annual plans

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