Update values on Cyfe for updated HubSpot CRM contacts

Need to make sure your Cyfe dashboard is an accurate reflection of every single change to your HubSpot CRM data? Set up this HubSpot CRM Cyfe integration and we'll track your contact data flawlessly. Once you do, every single update to a HubSpot contact property will automatically trigger an update to a Cyfe value, keeping your figures accurate and up to date no matter how small the change.

How It Works

  1. A contact property is changed on HubSpot CRM
  2. Zapier automatically updates a value on Cyfe

What You Need

  • HubSpot CRM account
  • Cyfe account
Update values on Cyfe for updated HubSpot CRM contacts
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HubSpot CRM automatically logs emails with your contacts. It helps sales teams navigate and chart opportunities by tracking email conversations, contacts, companies, deals, and tasks — all in one seamless package.

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Cyfe is an all-in-one business dashboard app that helps you easily monitor all your business data from one place (e.g. social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support, infrastructure, etc).

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