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Contactually is a great CRM for professionals in relationship-based businesses. Our smart platform automatically manages your contacts across email, social media and mobile phone to help you prioritize your relationships by monitoring your conversation patterns.

It automatically generates intelligent follow-up recommendations for your most important prospects when it matters the most. With Contactually, your most important relationships never run the risk of slipping through the cracks.

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Contactually Features

  • Reminders to help you followup with the right people at the right time
  • See how contacts are connected to get relevant introductions
  • Make email templates to easily reply and send bulk messages
  • iOS and Android apps

Contactually Pricing

  • $29/user/month Premium account with basic features
  • $49/user/month Small Business account with email templates and bulk mail
  • $99/user/month Enterprise account with advanced permissions

Last updated September 22, 2014. Please visit the official site for the most up-to-date information.

Contactually Review

You need a better relationship with your contacts. That's surely the reason you're considering using a CRM in the first place. You want somewhere to keep track of your contacts' information, conversations, and hopefully be a bit more informed when you reach out to them. And, of course, you want to do a better job converting them into paid deals.

Reaching out to each person individually is difficult, though, and sending bulk emails to everyone is impersonal. You can do better than that.

That's Contactually's goal: helping you both know more about your contacts individually, and automate your communications so you can have somewhat more personal emails even if they are bulk mailed. And then, it'll tell you exactly how well you're performing with your contacts, and what you can do to do better. It's both an assistant and teacher.

First off, there's the somewhat more obvious tools to help you know more about your contacts. Contactually can automatically import your email conversations, grab contact info from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and even integrates with other contact-centric CRMs to pull in more data if you want to manage contact info and communications in separate spots. Then, it lets you divide your contacts into buckets, groups of similar people that are perfect to target in similar ways.

Now it's time to get the communications rolling. There's the more obvious tools to help you stay in touch, like the ability to email and send Twitter DMs and Facebook private messages right from your contact page. And, the dashboard will show you the people you need to contact and other important things you need to work on.

The most impressive tools, though, are the ones centered around the contact buckets. Once you've divided people up into groups, you can then send them similar emails that will at least feel somewhat personalized. But Contactually goes further by giving you email templates that let you make draft emails that automatically pull in as much data about your contacts as you'd like: their name, job title, the last time you spoke, and more. Following up with clients is now much simpler.

Then, there's Scale Mail, Contactually's bulk email tool that's powered by your buckets and email templates. You'll make a template that'd fit a bucket of people perfectly, then use Scale Mail to send it out to all of them. It works together with the article sharing tool that lets you identify interesting content across the web and save it to Contactually in a click. Then, when it's time to email everyone, you'll have something interesting to share. Combined with their personal info, it'll seem like you wanted to reach out just specifically to that person, while Contactually is letting you reach hundreds at a time.

You're sharing knowledge for a reason, though: you want to convert your contacts into paid deals. Contactually's ready for that, too, with a kanban-style deal board where you can keep track of your sales progress and quickly move deals along as they progress.

And, back on the dashboard, there's that teacher feature we mentioned at first. It'll rate your marketing efforts anywhere from an A+ to an F-, and tell you why you've got that score and what you can do to improve. It's a little incentive that puts a simpler score behind the data that might otherwise be overwhelming, motivating you to do a little better.

But don't worry if your score's low. Doing a little better at marketing is pretty easy when you've got a tool that'll turn one email into hundreds of personalized ones in a click.


Reviewed by Matthew Guay, Zapier. Last updated October 23, 2014.

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