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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated May 4, 2018

Good things come to those who wait, they say, but waiting alone won’t do the trick when it comes to sales. You need to wait, then followup, then followup again until you finally get the sale. And when you have a lot of contacts, you need a system that helps you figure out who’s most important to contact.

Contactually is a CRM—or customer relationship manager—designed to help you build those personal relationships, with a focus on real estate agents. It’s designed to help you stay in touch with your most important contacts and work with them until you’ve close your sales.

Start out by connecting your G Suite, Office 365, Exchange, or IMAP email, and Contactually will pull in your contacts and conversations. Or you can import contacts from a spreadsheet. With your email connection, you can now contact everyone from Contactually or your email app, and there’ll be a record either way.

Contactually will help you know who to contact—and when to get in touch. It’ll watch how recently you’ve contacted each person, how often you usually reach out, and the time that individual usually replies. Then you can prioritize outreach based on on who’s most overdue for an email, and will know what time’s best to email (or call—and you can log calls in Contactually along with notes about what you discussed, too). Next time they’re due for a new outreach, Contactually will push them back to the top of the list and let you know it’s time to get in touch.

Getting in touch doesn’t have to be difficult, either. In Contactually you can split your contacts into lists based on their interests or their position in your sales workflow—perhaps with groups for people interested in buying a home, those interested in selling one, and those who have recently closed a sale. Then you can send automated template emails to all of those contacts, with Contactually filling in their name and other details. You can even send print cards to them automatically for a more personal touch.

Conversations alone aren’t enough. You also have to keep track of how the sales process is going, and what needs done next. That’s where Contactually’s Pipelines come in. Add your standard sales stages, then you can move your deals through Contactually’s kanban-style lists to track where each deal stands, using the same tools to reach out and make sure you bring the deals to a close.

And you can bring the whole team. If your real estate office has a number of agents working together, instead of having to forward emails and send contacts individually to each other, Contactually will keep your team’s communications organized so you can follow through with your customers together as a team.

Originally published October 23, 2014; updated May 4, 2018 with Contactually’s new real estate focused features.

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Contactually Features

  • Organize your contacts in a CRM that focuses on who you need to contact next
  • Connect Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, Exchange, and IMAP email accounts to import contacts and sync email history
  • See who you should reach out to based on when you last talked
  • Create automated, personalized emails or paper mail to convert leads
  • Build a lead pipeline and take deals through a kanban workflow
  • Bring your team to work together on leads
  • Android and iOS apps available

Contactually Pricing

  • $69/month Professional plan for daily bulk messaging and core features
  • $119/month Accelerator plan for Professional features plus lead nurturing and dedicated customer success manager
  • $599/month Concierge plan for Professional features plus communication strategy tools, outreach campaign, bulk messaging, importing and cleaning up contact database, and dedicated success manager and coach to train and help you use Contactually

$59/99/399 per month, respectively, with annual plan

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