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Add new subscribers to Constant Contact when Riddle Quiz Maker quizzes are completed

  1. When this happensStep 1: Riddle Quiz Completed

  2. Then do thisStep 2: Create Contact

Getting new subscribers added to Constant Contact is easy when using a Riddle quiz with a built-in lead capture form. But adding them to Constant Contact manually takes a lot of time. Use this integration to automatically add new contacts to Constant Contact when a Riddle quiz is completed. You can even enhance the contact information with information such as quiz result or answers to specific quiz questions.

Note: Your Riddle quiz needs to have a lead capture form for this integration to work and your lists in Constant Contact need to be configured with extra fields to accept information such as quiz results.

How this Riddle Quiz Maker-Constant Contact integration works

  1. A quiz is completed in Riddle Quiz Maker
  2. Zapier adds a new contact to Constant Contact

Apps involved

  • Riddle Quiz Maker
  • Constant Contact
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Connect Constant Contact + Riddle Quiz Maker in Minutes

It's easy to connect Constant Contact + Riddle Quiz Maker and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

All Triggers & Actions

New Contact

Triggers when a new contact is added to your account.

New List

Triggers when a new list is added.

New Email Open

Triggers when a recipient opens an email from a specified campaign.

InstantRiddle Quiz Completed

Triggers after a riddle quiz has been played.