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Cognito Forms mention · April 12, 2019

The 9 Best Free Form Builders and Survey Tools

Form and survey apps help you learn about your customers, get valuable feedback, and gather whatever data you're looking for. There are dozens of capable form builders and survey apps on the market, and—unlike in many other software categories—many of the best options are free. These tools allow you more
Cognito Forms mention · May 30, 2018

Vienna Greeters Reduces Errors and Hours with Automated Workflows

Every company strives to have a seamless web experience for their online visitors. The goal is to have your brand and your mission apparent on each page and piece of content, from your blog to contact forms. But with a plethora of plugins and apps to add to your site, more
Cognito Forms mention · May 28, 2018 Saves 5 Hours Every Week By Automating Contact & Lead Gen

Marketers always have something to request from the team's developers. Typically, it's to connect apps that don't have native integrations or build a custom report or search tool. But devs are hard to spare at most companies. You might have a lone engineer for marketing needs, but that dev more
Cognito Forms mention · December 9, 2016

How to Accept Payments From an Online Form

Forms are among the web's most versatile tools. Need a contact form? Drag an Email and Text field into a form editor, copy its embed code, add it to your site, and you're done. Want to make a survey? Just add enough extra fields to your form to cover more
Cognito Forms mention · August 4, 2015

Get More Done: 5 Ways to Master Your To-Do List

The Zapier Monthly: To-Do List Edition | Vol. II, Issue 7 Every month, we teach you how to use Zapier to solve a problem or reach a goal. For July, we help you tackle your to-do list. We all have them, and sometimes in multiple places. This time around, more
Cognito Forms update · April 4, 2015

Add Data to Your CRM, Spreadsheets and More From Cognito Forms with Zapier

Your website likely needs a number of forms—contact forms, order forms, job application forms, and more. Cognito Forms is an easy-to-use form builder that's a great tool for the task.—and it's free, too! Cognito Forms includes all of the form builder features you'd expect, including advanced tools like repeating sections, more

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